Lamanna Tree Service

Tree Removal Service & Cleanup

Basic Tree Removal Steps

All trees will be cut down using the correct technique and equipment. If the tree in question cannot be fell into a safe zone, a climber will be called in to piece it down in much smaller, more manageable sizes. A few of the tree limbs may require using rope techniques to lower the limbs down to the ground safely. Cranes can also be brought onto the site to help with tight areas & lift heavy limbs or stumps in a safe manner.

Once all of the limbs have been removed, the smaller pieces are loaded into a wood chipper and hauled away to the mulch processing mill. The management and method for larger limbs depends on the wood type, size and condition. Disposal method of large limbs and tree trunks depends on the wood type, size, and condition of the pieces. Some extremely large limbs may be hauled away with the use of an apprentice boom truck.

Once the tree work has been completed and the debris removed, you have the option of stump grinding the remaining tree stump. As the tree no longer causes a safety concern, this is a cosmetic decision to decide if you want a stump on your property or not. Most stumps will take several years to rot. In most cases, the stump grinding service will not take place on the same day as your tree removal, because removing a stump requires different equipment.

The Property Clean Up

Tree and stump removal can make quite a mess. Lamanna cares about your property and takes the time to clean up after our job is finished. Our crew will pick up the smaller sticks and debris and rake up any branches or leaves that are left behind. As a final step we will blow off your walk and driveway. Leaving your property how we found it is our goal.

Lamanna’s Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Service

Stump Removal Steps & General Information

Most of our customers opt to have us remove the tree’s stump after taking the main trunk and limbs away. Having to constantly mow around it is a constant reminder of how awkward they are, not to mention a safety hazard while walking or running. Waiting for it to rot can take up to 10 years. The exact amount of time it will take varies depending on the species and health of the tree, and the conditions in your yard.

The best way to remove a stump is by grinding. The stump grinder (or cutter) removes the wood by means of a high speed cutting disk that “chips” away at the stump. The cutting wheel moves back in forth and is controlled by an operator, removing all of the pieces of wood down to a depth of 12 inches below surface grade. Once a stump is completely removed and ground out, you may level and soil / seed the area.

Because the stump cutting wheel incorporates the use of high speed rotating metal teeth, all rocks must be removed from the area. Please be aware that if a stump is situated next to a sidewalk or building, the grinder may not be able to fully grind all parts.

Tree Trimming, Thinning, & Deadwood Service

Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

The Three Most Common Reasons

  • Aesthetics
  • Safety Issues
  • General Tree Health

Aesthetics – Pruning and trimming the trees in your yard can effectively help to maintain shape and appearance. It’s important to note however that all trees and shrubs have a natural shape, and you should try to maintain that shape for optimal aesthetics. Trees with a lot of weight to them are best left to a professional, which brings us to our next bullet point.

SAFETY – Broken branches, falling limbs, and unbalanced trees are a big cause for concern. Nobody wants to worry about their trees becoming a serious safety hazard or potentially deadly. Big heavy deadwood should be removed ASAP! Extremely low hanging branches that obstruct driving need to be trimmed. If your trees are growing uncomfortably close to power lines, your house, or your neighbors house, they should be taken down immediately to avoid potential hazards.

HEALTH – It is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. Thinning out keeps a tree looking natural after limbs have been trimmed. Thinning out is healthier for your tree, allowing for a faster recovery as opposed to topping your tree. This is a good way to lighten up large trees by allowing air to flow through easier. If branches are crossing or rubbing together, they should be trimmed so that they don’t fall unexpectedly.

Other Tree & Stump Services

Emergency Services, Mulch, Log Splitting

  • Emergency services
  • Bobcat and Brush Hog Work
  • Mulch
  • Log splitting
  • Bucket Work
  • Cabling
  • Lot Clearing
  • Firewood *
  1. * Please note: We do not cut and split for you at your location